Computer hardware, software engineering, product management/marketing, social media consulting, and blogging.

Social Media Services – Westlake Village, CA
2009 – present
Social media marketing and consulting for WordPress, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. I help people improve their Klout score, increase their connections, build business buzz, and get more customers! Visit Websites and Social Media for examples of my work.

Taste N Trip Blog – Westlake Village, CA
2012 – present
I write about food and wine, special events, festivals, and the people that make them happen. I’ve blogged about happenings in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles counties. Blog posts include lots of photographs to give the reader the feeling of being there. My trademark photo style is to capture “the pour” with the person pouring from a bottle (with the label showing of course) into a glass (glass logo facing front too), while smiling and looking at the camera.

The Learning Café – Westlake Village, CA
2000 – present
Marketing / CTO (part time)
CTO of Scheef Org. Development & Training, Inc. – parent company of The Learning Café.

  • Market research, marcom, and social media support for consulting business specializing in multi-generational workforce, personal branding, mentoring, and leadership development.

Conejo Valley Lifestyle (previously Calabasas Style and North Ranch Living) – Westlake Village, CA
2010 – present
Contributing Photographer, Writer

  • Contribute magazine articles about local events and wine.

Mighty Bright – Santa Barbara, CA
2008 – 2009
Marketing Director/Product Manager, L.E.D. Lights & Magnifiers

  • Managed marketing for Music, Crafts & Hobbies, Books, and Travel sales channels to continue revenue growth in the range of 30-50% annually.
  • Developed a marketing plan to “go green” with eco-friendly approaches in packaging, rechargeable products, and battery recycling.  Collaborated with Amazon to develop a recycled materials package.
  • Promoted the Mighty Bright brand with social media marketing by establishing a company presence on facebook, MySpace, and with targeted advertising on goodreads.com. This increased brand awareness through an online fan base.
  • Authored white papers comparing LED lights to traditional lighting and how they relate to cost savings.
  • Supported graphics projects for Amazon, Borders, B&N, Guitar Center, and Alfred Music Publishing.
  • Coordinated logistics for 10 annual tradeshows in US and Europe.
  • Managed development and delivery of products from Hong Kong and Taiwan suppliers.

Dataproducts/Hitachi/Ricoh Printing Systems – Simi Valley, CA
1998 – 2007
Production Printing Business

  • Marketing Director/Product Manager
  • Professional Services Alliance Manager
  • Marketing Manager, Print On Demand.

Xerox Corporation
1972 – 1979, 1980 – 1998
Strategic Relations Manager – Office Products, Rochester, NY

  • Fax/Scanner Software Development Manager – Office Products, Rochester, NY
  • Printer Software Development Manager – Printing Systems, El Segundo, CA
  • Integrated Applications Manager – Xerox Systems Institute, El Segundo, CA
  • Principal Engineer – Printing Systems, El Segundo, CA
  • Computer Graphics Production Manager – Xerox Business Services, Houston, TX
  • Data Center Operations – Xerox Computer Center, Webster, NY.

Cameras Plus / North Harris Community College – Houston, TX
1979 – 1980

  • Camera Store Manager
  • Photojournalism Instructor
  • Freelance Photographer.

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