__Gary Coon

Prior to my corporate career, I majored in business at Rochester Institute of Technology. During my second year at RIT I began my co-op experience at the Xerox Computer Center in Webster, NY. The co-op became a full time job and I was able to graduate without any college loan debt.

I left Xerox after seven years and moved to Houston to pursue my interest in photography (and warmer weather). During the early 1980s I managed a retail camera store, was a freelance photographer, and taught photojournalism at Houston Community College.

With a solid background in computers and photography, I re-joined Xerox in Houston to manage a new film-based computer graphics production center and service bureau. The regional center that I managed quickly became a benchmark for quality and efficiency and I moved back to Rochester, NY to coordinate Xerox’ four regional production centers. This computer graphics technology was also used to produce the ground-breaking computer-animated movie Tron in 1982. The same color film recording technology produced business presentation graphics at Xerox. Digital images of business graphics were produced on color slides and a revolutionary new technology, at the time, full color laser prints on plain paper or transparencies. The market for this service was limited though and Xerox sold the business back to MAGI, the original third party developer. As it turned out, this was a good move for both of us, because a new program from Microsoft called PowerPoint would eventually make color film slides obsolete, and because I was able to move on to other new technologies at Xerox in El Segundo, CA.

As an engineer in Xerox’ Research & Development I was part of systems integration projects that connected the first laser printer to the ethernet, integrated the first networked Oracle database application, developed a database electronic publishing system, and managed development of software clients for the first highlight color laser printing system and one of the first multifunction devices that offered combined print/scan/fax services. Building on my third party software development experience, my final position at Xerox was as manager of strategic relations for the office products group in Rochester, NY.

After 26 years at Xerox I left the company (again) and moved back to the west coast to join Dataproducts Corporation in Simi Valley, CA. Dataproducts was a printer company that marketed multi-function copiers and high speed production laser printers. The company was owned by Hitachi and eventually changed its name to that of the parent company. In my role as Product Manager I launched several publishing and printing products, and then managed professional services alliances. I became the Director of Marketing and Product Management as Hitachi focused on high speed production laser printers. The Hitachi production printer technology, which was also used by IBM, Xerox, and Unisys, was very high quality and it attracted the attention of Ricoh Corporation. Hitachi production printers were a good fit with Ricoh’s copier product line and Ricoh acquired Hitachi’s printer division in Japan and in the US. I assisted with the transition of production printer marketing to Ricoh’s corporate staff in New Jersey prior to the Simi Valley location being phased out.

At Mighty Bright/Gold Crest, an LED product company in Santa Barbara, I worked with Asian suppliers to create and market personal lighting products. Custom branded LED products were sold to major business partners such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Costco and Target. The Mighty Bright brand products were sold through a variety of book, music, and craft sales partners with the primary marketing focus on consumers. While I was with Mighty Bright social media began growing in popularity and I built an online presence that reinforced the marketing message and engaged customers directly.

Since 2009 I have provided social media services to small businesses, such as The Learning Café. These services include management of WordPress websites, social media account management, blogging, editing, photography & video, Constant Contact email campaigns, and conducting online surveys via Constant Contact and SurveyMonkey. I have also contributed as a photographer, writer, and editor to North Ranch Living, Calabasas Style, Vegas2LA, Conejo Valley Lifestyle magazines, plus the 2015 Santa Ynez Valley Destination Guide.


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